CCTV Surveillance System


We are Expert in CCTV.

MTJ Technologies has extensive experience in designing and installation of different CCTV security surveillance solutions. By carefully assessing our clients’ requirements, we design, install and maintain cost- effective  security  systems  which  achieve  and  exceed  our  clients’  expectations.

MTJ Technologies has successfully implemented tens of large and small CCTV systems including analog and IP- based  solutions  from  vendors  such  as  HIKVision , UNV, CP-Plus, Bosch,  Axis,  Dahua, , Samsung, NAPCO, UK-LINK, Panasonic, Infinova, PELCO and many other vendors.

MTJ Technologies provide Time lapse solution.

MTJ Technologies providing the Villa CCTV installation services. Currently we are working in many Villa for newely installtion of CCTV cameras and we are provding the very good price and best service. In remote area like Khawaneej, Aweer, Umm e Nahad, Wadi al Sabak, Alain Road, we are providing best service on time.

Why Choose MTJ for Your CCTV Surveillance Needs

MTJ is committed to delivering the highest standards of security solutions, prioritizing customer safety and satisfaction. Our CCTV Surveillance System is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance, providing you with a robust security infrastructure that you can rely on.


How can I benefit from installing MTJ's CCTV Surveillance System at my premises?

MTJ’s CCTV Surveillance System provides enhanced security measures, deterring potential threats, and allowing you to monitor your property remotely. With its advanced features like high-definition clarity and real-time monitoring, you can ensure the safety of your premises at all times.

Is MTJ's CCTV Surveillance System suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, MTJ’s CCTV Surveillance System is designed to be versatile and adaptable, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range of durable cameras is equipped to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Can I access the recorded footage from MTJ's CCTV Surveillance System on my mobile device

Absolutely. MTJ’s CCTV Surveillance System provides remote access capabilities, allowing you to view live feeds and access recorded footage conveniently through our user-friendly mobile application, ensuring you can monitor your premises on the go.

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