Annual Maintenance

Ensuring Seamless Connectivity: MTJ's Annual Network Maintenance Solutions

An extended warranty is coverage for electrical or mechanical breakdown. It may or may not cover peripheral items, wear and tear, damage by computer viruses, normal maintenance, accidental damage, or any consequential loss. The indemnity is to cover the cost of repair and may include replacement if deemed uneconomic to repair.

MTJ Technologies provide extended warranty support and ongoing service and maintenance contracts as per client’s requirements.

MTJ Technologies Provides different service plans (Basic, Advances and Plus) considering the client’s support demands which include 24/7 support within 4 hours response time. We can tailor maintenance options to fit your requirements for all infrastructure products and services.

Comprehensive Maintenance for Network Stability and Security

We offer a wide variety of options designed to help keep your infrastructure up and running.

A help desk provider intended to provide the customer with information and support related to the client’s requirements. We troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about daily infrastructure problems such as network administration,   component installation, configuration, system imaging, and advanced configuration   of computers, electronic equipment, or software.

Why Choose MTJ for Your Annual Network Maintenance?

MTJ Technologies Provide outsourcing services for reducing cost and improving quality for our clients. By outsourcing to us; we help our clients to perform well on their core competencies, from which cost is reduced and products stay in high quality. We help to mitigate shortage of skill or expertise in the areas where they want to outsource.


How often should I opt for MTJ's Annual Maintenance for Network Solutions?

MTJ recommends opting for annual maintenance to ensure the optimal performance and security of your network. Regular annual maintenance allows our team to proactively identify and address potential issues, keeping your network running smoothly and reducing the likelihood of unexpected disruptions.

What does MTJ's Annual Maintenance for Network Solutions include?

MTJ’s Annual Maintenance for Network Solutions includes a comprehensive range of services, including performance optimization, security updates, hardware and software checks, and proactive troubleshooting. Our aim is to ensure that your network remains efficient, secure, and equipped to meet your organization’s growing demands.

Can MTJ's Annual Maintenance for Network Solutions be customized for different types of businesses and organizations?

Absolutely! MTJ’s Annual Maintenance for Network Solutions can be customized to meet the unique requirements of businesses and organizations across various industries. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific network needs and tailors the maintenance plan accordingly, ensuring that your network receives the personalized attention it deserves.

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